On Writing; A personal thought

What refrains a person from getting into writing? What will draw one to get into the habit?

Some writers write to earn a living. Some write as a hobby while some write to express their inner self. Generally, writing is something not many people enjoy doing for it could be bothersome as you need to exert much efforts into it than in reading books or watching movies. It could also be a talent or skill not many people believe they have, thus, refraining them to get into the habit of writing.


English in Today’s Fast-Changing World

“I believe that learning English is not just a trend that you should follow but a skill you should learn to keep pace and to survive with the changing world.”

Embracing Change

Why do people desire changes in their lives but resist them at the same time? Why is it hard to fully embrace change? We all establish a certain routine. Perhaps having a routine life seems ideal. You can go on with each day without having to think about hassles and unexpected things. Yet, there would…


The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances. –  Martha Washington Happiness is a choice. No matter what circumstances we are in, if we have the right disposition and mindset, it will never hinder us from experiencing and achieving happiness. It’s true that it’s hard for many to keep a…

100 Moments of Happiness

Every time we start our Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar (CWIG) class at the American Institute for English Proficiency, Chris Delacruz, our Specialist and Co-owner of AIEP, would ask a question. Today, he asked about what we are going to do on the weekend which led our discussion to ‘happiness.’ “Do you want to be…

A Letter to Yesterday

Dear Yesterday, It’s hard to say hello to you but this is the proper way I know to which I should begin. I wanted to remember and reminisce before I start to let you go and move on. The time we spent together had really been memorable. We had those sweet days as well as bitter…