English in Today’s Fast-Changing World

How important is learning the English language in today’s fast-changing world? What are the relevance of English in our lives? 

The English language is one of the most widely spoken language by number of native speakers and as a second language around the world. English, along with French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic,  is among the six official languages used by United Nations to conduct business. It is the language of science, aviation, diplomacy, tourism, the media industry as well as the internet. And in today’s increasingly globalized society, indeed, its use and relevance has become more prevalent than ever. In fact, numbers of non-English speaking countries here in Asia such as South Korea, Japan, and China are exerting greater efforts to improve the quality of their English education to keep pace with the fast-changing needs of the language domestically and internationally. Thus, driving their individuals to be more proficient in the  English language.

As for me, I work for a company that caters on-line English education to Korean students, and in my line of job, it is a must that I continually master the language. But my interest with the language didn’t start because of my job. It has long been a part of my younger days, and it has been the language that I speak and write alongside Tagalog ever since. I have been in love with it even before I found out how useful it is in my career and in my life.  It’s hard to imagine not using it in my daily routine.

Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein says, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Indeed, language is a powerful tool. I agree when Wittgenstein said that it can limit or broaden one’s world. The English language has done the same thing in my life. It has broadened my world so much that I’m thankful I had the privilege to learn and be exposed to it from a young age.

In this essay, let me tell you about how the English language can be of relevance to one’s career and personal growth.

First, English can give you more work opportunities. Being fluent in English can give one an edge when looking for a job. For instance nowadays, in the competitive country of South Korea, getting a good job or position in the job market has gotten tougher. Many companies prefer hopefuls who are not only skillful in commerce but who have a high level of English proficiency as well. And since many Korean companies are into international trade, having fluent speakers in English are essential to help them do better business with their foreign clients and counterparts as such will reduce language barrier that could endanger their businesses. This can also help them expand their enterprise abroad. Thus, such requirements force their students to develop fluency in the language from a younger age.

In the Philippines on the other hand, Call Centers and English Institutes are on the rise. Most companies from these groups pay attractive salary that appeals to many job seekers which means to be part of these companies, applicants must be willing to improve their English communication skills to meet their standards. This also applies for job seekers who prefer to take chances abroad. Being skillful in different kinds of trade is not enough. They also need good English communication skill to make them much a competent candidate if they want to become employable in many parts of the world.

So from reasons stated above, work opportunities is one among the relevance of English in our lives.

Second, English can broaden your network. Living in a digital age has made the need to learn English even stronger. People around the world, may it be ordinary or well-known figures, are now connecting via the internet especially using platforms such as the social media, and English is the language we mostly use simply because it is the language that is widely understood by many.

In my personal experience, English and the internet are great tools to build new and strong network. As someone who enjoys signing up in different sites related to writing, arts, reading and so on, I am able to meet various individuals from different parts of the world who share the same interest as mine.  This gives me the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying what I love to do, and this is all because we speak one language that we can all understand. It still amazes me how English can link us to get to know more people inside and outside our little world.

These being said, indeed, English is also relevant in broadening our network.

Finally, English bridges us to new worlds. Perhaps the best thing I love about English is how it can connect us and make us part of different worlds. It can introduce us to different countries, culture and people through travel, books, films, dramas and so on. For instance, one could enjoy watching foreign films from various non-English speaking countries without having the need to study their language because English versions or subtitles are readily available for viewers. Indeed, having the knowledge of English can give us such convenience.

In my case, I’m very much into foreign films and dramas, and I especially enjoy those  from South Korea and Japan. The interesting point is I prefer watching them in their original language while reading the English subtitles. I find it more engaging when I can hear them deliver their lines in their native tongue. Perhaps because I am also interested in learning Korean and Japanese, I  prefer to watch them this way. Anyway, it’s very much helpful too since I can get to recognize vocabularies and expressions from their language, and thanks to the help of English, I could understand what they mean as well as I can appreciate these countries’ history, people, culture and language more. Indeed, English can give an absolutely amazing experience in bridging us to worlds that are yet unknown to us.

So the third relevance of the English language is that it bridges us to new worlds.

Once again, English can benefit us in many ways such as to give us more work opportunities, broaden our network and bridges us to new worlds. The world, as we know it, is becoming more globally connected. I believe that learning English is not just a trend that you should follow but a skill you should learn to keep pace and to survive with the changing world.

Perhaps some of you still find it difficult and frustrating to learn the language. But I am convinced that there’s always a suitable way for one to learn it. You can learn through songs, through movies and books, and you can even join study groups. But if you’re not satisfied with them, you can always enroll to a good English institute like the American Institute for English Proficiency. I bet it’ll be one of the best learning experience you’ll ever have and you won’t regret it.

I hope you have considered about the points given on how English can be of relevance to one’s life. Why don’t you share about how English is relevant to yours? Have a great day.