Embracing Change

Why do people desire changes in their lives but resist them at the same time? Why is it hard to fully embrace change?

We all establish a certain routine. Perhaps having a routine life seems ideal. You can go on with each day without having to think about hassles and unexpected things. Yet, there would always be a point in our lives when we will feel like life has been so monotonous that we wonder if we’re still breathing or not. Life becomes boring and dreary that we feel zombified and jaded each passing day. We felt less motivated so we suddenly crave for change. But may it be minor or major, it’s always hard to begin change because there will always be several things we’d have to consider when we want to bring in some of it in our lives. As we think about change, how it will affect our lives and its possible results, fear begins to sneak up on us which can eventually holds us back from getting even started. And once fear takes control, it immobilizes us.

Personally, I don’t like disruptions to my regular activities. During the weekdays, I usually set several alarms. Three alarms with five minutes interval each before I get up in the morning, one alarm to finish taking a bath, one alarm to remind me I should have done my meals, one alarm to remind me I should be leaving by then and one alarm that says if I hadn’t left yet, I might already be late for work. I used to set alarms to take my medicine or vitamins as well as for tasks I should be doing or have finished doing by that day. Every day for a year or so, I had the same routine. Sometimes I thought to myself that I seem like a programmed robot already. Even though I felt this way, I rarely complain to how my life was going or perhaps I don’t feel the necessity to complain about it. However, as days gone by, I noticed that every time unexpected things, even trivial ones, disrupt my routine, I get easily stress-out that I end up being so depressed. What more if it’ll mean major changes in important areas of my life? It would probably be agonizing and would take time until I get used to it. However, recognizing that I have to grow better as a person and hoping to be freed from the mundane that is slowly draining the life out of me, I must leave my comfort zone and ready myself to undergo transition.

According to book author C. JoyBell C., “The only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw Yourself.” Live – grow – change – learn – be exposed – throw yourself out into the open. What she said are all parts of the transition we must be willing to take. Regardless of how challenging it is for us, throwing ourselves out of our comfort zones to invite and embrace change are the only ways to end our routine life and breathe life to a fresh one.

So let me discuss the three points  that happen when we invite and fully embrace change.

  Resistance to change is like letting cancer cells slowly kill us. We ignore them until they become fatal and out of our hands. There are times in our lives when we experience unexpected changes, things we are least prepared for. For instance, when one of your loved ones passed away or when your relationship with them was severed due to unavoidable circumstances, we might experience a difficult time adjusting to it or even accepting it. If one is used to living a monotonous life, such changes could be painful and ugly. On the other hand, if we opened our hearts and mind to embracing change, that’s the moment when we start to heal, to recover and to live again. Change can cause wounds, but at the same time, healing.

Open doors of boundless opportunities. Living a mundane life robs us of great opportunities. When we fear or resist change, there’s a possibility we may let go, or perhaps by this time, had let go of a once in a lifetime chance to make our future better. And the sad part is we mostly realize it when it’s too late  and when time could no longer be redeemed . So we must set our mind that when change knocks on our door, we should be ready enough to welcome it.

Bringing out a better you. Doing the same things over and over halts us from thinking outside the box. When we choose to live in the mundane, we are  destroying creativity within us. Meanwhile, inviting and embracing change can help us make an upgraded version of ourselves and our view of the world.

Change as they say is inevitable. The only unchanging thing in this world is God and His love for us. So we shouldn’t be surprised nor be afraid of changes because whether we like it or not, it will happen. Perhaps the secret to embracing it fully is to anticipate it, be open and be receptive to all ideas and possibilities it will create in our lives. Although on the other hand, we should still be wise and wary enough of the things that we will choose to change and shape our lives. Surrounding yourself with people who are wise and trustworthy should also help to cope with all these things. You may need to face change along with the aid of these people but when time comes that you have to face it on your own, be courageous enough to embrace it.

Let me end this with my hopes and prayer for God to give you wisdom and courage to face all kinds of changes that has and will come your way.  Cheers to a better life and a better us!


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