The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.
–  Martha Washington

Happiness is a choice. No matter what circumstances we are in, if we have the right disposition and mindset, it will never hinder us from experiencing and achieving happiness.

It’s true that it’s hard for many to keep a positive disposition all the time because there would always be things that would upset and dishearten us. Things which make us question if happiness is for everybody. It’s easy to get affected by negativity happening around us, and it’s easy to get preoccupied by those things that we could become oblivious of how much these things might devour our happiness.

Even I, included, have a hard time keeping a positive outlook in life when facing struggles and setbacks. It’s easier to dwell in trials than overcome them. For me, recovering from depression has been a long and painful process. It’s like walking through an endless tunnel of darkness, desperately looking for the light,  but afraid to walk ahead because I cynically think that there would be chances of me getting hurt from hurdles or any other unseen things. In spite of all that, I believe it is God’s grace that kept me alive during those period but it has been my choice that it took me a long time to get pass it. Nevertheless, I was able to come back to life and is now ready to relish each moment.

In my previous post, the first part of our 100 Moments of Happiness project, I have shared two special moments I relate to happiness. Today, let me share four more precious moments to add up to them.

3 of #100MomentsofHappiness
dianne bday 2015

Sept. 5, 2015, Midnight. Happiness is birthdays celebrated. I stay in an apartment together with friends and it’s been a tradition to celebrate each of our birthdays together.  Birthdays, for me, are events when we celebrate the gift of life and that person herself who was given to us by God. We celebrate with them because they are a part of our happiness. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small dinner party or a simple gathering. What matters is that we are there for them and create priceless memories together.

4 of #100MomentsofHappiness

badminton 2015
Sept. 5, 2015 Happiness is found in sports and friendship. We started to play badminton to prepare our bodies to our supposed ‘Sagada’ trip. Although it was the first purpose of our plan, we seemed to have tacitly agreed to enjoy this sports not only for that. I haven’t actually played any sports for more than a decade but starting now feels really good. Perhaps because I don’t only play an interesting sports but because I play it together with good friends. I believe playing sports like badminton is not only for us to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. We also play to enjoy moments with friends and strengthen our friendship.

5 of #100MomentsofHappiness
potofgold(photo creditsbluemountain wall paper)

Sept. 7, 2015 Happiness is a treasure. There was a time when I was in third year high school that our teacher asked us to draw what happiness was for us. It wasn’t an easy task. Aside from not being that good in arts, I found it a challenge to draw the meaning of happiness. Some of my classmates drew material things like phones, house, clothings and so on. Perhaps because it would be the first things that would come to mind. There were also those who drew the cross  as well as people, probably their loved ones. As for mine, I thought of drawing a leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As my English teacher checked everybody’s work, her eyebrows crossed as she saw mine. I knew my work had the weirdest illustration. When everybody’s drawing was mostly material things, why was mine a leprechaun? So my teacher asked me why my drawing was like that. I was nervous and shy as I explained, ‘happiness is like a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.” When watching cartoons as a kid, I would see characters finding the end of the rainbows because it is where you’ll find pots of gold. I know it’s not realistic but I would liken happiness to that. Since a rainbow comes out after the rain and most people liken rain to trials we have gone through, the pot of gold is like a precious thing that we could discover after all the hardships.

6 of #100MomentsofHappiness

Sept. 8, 2015. Happiness is a song that heals. Dealing with terrible and stressful situations consume energy. There would always be days when even if you wanted to avoid stress, it would come looking for you and there’s no other way but to deal with it. During such times, I try my best not to let myself be consumed by anger and rather be consumed by listening to praise and worship songs. Today, I listened to the song  None but Jesus – Hillsong and it was truly uplifting.

I believe there are a lot of things in our days that contributes to our happiness. Good and even annoying experiences could teach us something about happiness. Perhaps we just need to take some time to look around us or every night, before going to bed, we can spend some time to evaluate how our days went and list down all things we are grateful for and moments that taught us a lesson. Happiness is within our reach.


100 Moments of Happiness was started by Chris Delacruz. If you want to join us in our movement, just sign-up and comment in our posts in chrisdelacruzofficial.com or my post. You can write down comments of your own moments of happiness putting #100MomentsofHappiness at the end of your messages . We also encourage you to create your own 100 moments of happiness. Let’s share the vibe.


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