100 Moments of Happiness

Every time we start our Critical Writing and Intensive Grammar (CWIG) class at the American Institute for English Proficiency, Chris Delacruz, our Specialist and Co-owner of AIEP, would ask a question. Today, he asked about what we are going to do on the weekend which led our discussion to ‘happiness.’

Do you want to be happier?” he asked Jerome, one of my classmates, and I. We both nodded. Chris then started googling and we stumbled on a blog giving 10 advice to be happier which then led us to discuss over The Happiness Project, a book and a blog created by Gretchen Rubin, where she writes about her adventures as she test-drives the studies and theories about how to be happier which later became a worldwide movement. This led our specialist to challenge us to start creating our own journey towards happiness which we entitled, 100 Moments of Happiness. The purpose is for us to share and create our own moments of happiness, spread it and encourage others to join us in our drive while improving our writing skills. It is also a way for us to infuse positive energy in our daily activities so that we lead a more fruitful and rewarding life.

So what will be the relevance of 100 moments of happiness? How do we start our journey?

Generally, people want to be happy. It sounds simple, yet many seem to struggle to find happiness. Perhaps, as according to the blog Chris discussed today, we want to start profound to attain happiness when we can actually experience it through simplicity.

As for me, there are many things that contribute to my happiness: God, family, friends, work, my students, hobbies, dreams, and so on. They’re the pieces of puzzles that creates them. Perhaps the only trouble is, when I get consumed by all tasks and concerns of each day, I forgot to appreciate them and remind myself of these bits and pieces. So posting our 100 Moments of Happiness would be a great reminder to me.

In starting our movement, we want people and ourselves to discover happiness even in the most simple moments of each day. So from this day and onward, we will start sharing moments of happiness until we reach a hundred or perhaps, more.

So let me share to you two moments of happiness I experienced today.

1 of #100MomentsofHappiness
Sept.4,2015 – Carpe diem! I left this message to one of my students after our class and little did I know it would leave a big impact on her. This morning, I was surprised as she extended her gratitude to me. She had actually been struggling in the past few months from depression. She worried so much about the future that it gave her sleepless nights. When she read the Latin term ‘carpe diem,’ she quickly looked it up as she was wondering what I could be telling her. As she understood the meaning, she felt moved. Perhaps it was the kind of message she needed to hear that day so right there and then, she reflected upon how she was living the present. She was blinded by her fear and worries of the unknown and uncertainties of the future that she didn’t realize it is in the hands of today that her future will be defined. But because of a simple message, she started to feel a new sense of hope and positiveness which led her to the decision to live by seizing the moment. It made her happy and as she shared this news, she made me happy.

It’s truly difficult not to think or be concerned about our future. How uncertain it is could really bring fear in our hearts especially when our present circumstance doesn’t seem that bright. However, it’s important that we also evaluate our present status. We might become too consumed worrying about the future that we couldn’t realize our present is already falling into debris. Worrying rob us of our happiness so rather than worry, let’s seize the moment.

2 of #100MomentsofHappiness
(photo credits: aiepro.com)

Sept.4,2015 – Attending class in AIEP makes me happy. It feels like being in a new world, one which offers you to learn not only about writing but more about life and people. Meeting exceptional individuals from different walks of life and learning about their lives and perspective just amazed me that I always look forward to being here because I feel like it’s broadening my horizon and it’s like something extraordinary will always happen here. Getting out of our comfort zones is not an easy task. But AIEP is making my journey memorable and it is now part of my happiness.

Happiness is a gift. It doesn’t need to come in big packages. There are many times that even trivial things can contribute to our happiness. We just need to look around us. I believe you will discover happiness even in the smallest of things.

I encourage you to stop for a while and think about the things that made you happy today. As you remember each of them, treasure them and don’t forget to thank God for them.

100 Moments of Happiness was started by Chris Delacruz. If you want to join us in our movement, just sign-up and comment in our posts in chrisdelacruzofficial.com or my post. You can write down comments of your own moments of happiness putting #100MomentsofHappiness at the end of your messages . We also encourage you to create your own 100 moments of happiness. Let’s share the vibe.


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  1. carmzkey says:

    #100 Moments of Happiness

    As for me, everyday was considered a blessing. Everyone of us struggle with our daily lives it’s either family, financial (well this was not obvious because I believe we have this problem in our lives), relationship, peers, social, etc.

    #1 Moment of happiness for me was waking up and able to sleep at night. Actually these seems simple and not that important or sometimes it was neglected. For me being able to sleep at night in the midst of problem was not easy. Especially when your thinking of a solution to your problem and no matter how you search it the answer was not appropriate and you pray to God that he will give you answers and that he’ll help you calm and sleep. And then God surely answers our prayers because the moment we woke up in the morning the problem was lessen and you have bright ideas on how to solve it.

    #2 Your Inspiration, for me this was my stress reliever aside from watching korean dramas/movies.

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