Sweet Retrospection


My favorite photo:

This photo is very precious to me. Like a treasure, it’s priceless. In my younger days, having cameras, phonecam, slr/dslrs isn’t common. I could say that not everybody affords to have them.

In the past, I hate pictures. I hate having my pictures taken. Reason? I look awful. (Hahah.) For real. Growing up to become such a beautiful and graceful woman is not so easy for me. Comparing to how I look now, it’s really embarrassing to see myself in pictures. Regardless, at that time, a single shot is very important since most cams use films and film developing are not even cheap.

But as the society changes, as gadgets continue to improve, as picture taking has become a common part of our daily life, I started to change my feelings over taking photos of myself as well. I started to love them.

Anyway, old photos bring back memories of the good old past. Of faces. Of places. Of feelings & emotions.

And as for this photo, it is a treasure. A memory of something I can not have now. A reminder of my sweet childhood. A precious moment with my brothers and ..my dad.


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