The Perfect Shoe Hunt


The Perfect Shoe Hunt

~First day

It was always a hard time for me to pick what shoes to buy for myself. Especially when I already have an ideal one in my head.

When my friend showed me the Gibi shoes, I was grinning from ear to ear.  That’s exactly the shoes I had in my head. The style, the color.. Just perfect for it’s purpose. But seeing the price, we were,.. “Oh! Now, that is one costly pair of shoes.’ As for my budget, I thought it wouldn’t be enough. So we kept looking for some more from the many shoes inside the department store. Yet, none satisfied me. And as we didn’t have enough time to find the right shoes that Saturday evening, I just decided to buy one the next day. Luckily, we still plan to go back.

~The next day

This time, we had plenty of time to search every corner of the mall [Landmark] to find the perfect shoes. We walked and walked until our feet aches. We saw different styles from ones we saw yesterday yet still, I couldn’t fully like any them. I always find ‘things’ to comment about them. Hours past and still we couldn’t find another pair I would really love. Time is running so quickly. We’re really exhausted and starving. I knew I have to decide soon. But I guess deep within, my heart is already set on the Gibi shoes we saw yesterday. So I told my friends what I had in mind and we went back there. There were four colors to choose from. They were all great. But I chose the deep pink shoe color. It was the one that really attracts me the most. Perhaps because it’s good to the eyes. So I gave my feet size, the staff got the shoe and asked me to fit it. I was like Cinderella as the staff even helped me put them on and laced it. When I slipped them on, I just felt that it was perfect. And I am happy with my choice. So my search for the perfect shoe is over. So is it worth the price? I’ll find out soon.

But then again, another Cinderella is not over her search for the her perfect pair of shoes. Ysa still has to find hers. After our stomachs are filled, we started walking around the mall again. This time, we got out to check almost every shoe shops in Trinoma. If it took me such long hours to find my desired shoe, make it double for her. She is really meticulous when it comes to that. But eventually, after we’ve almost visited all shops, we found her perfect pairs of shoes too. It looks beautiful on her too. So indeed, it was worth the time.

~So when finding the perfect shoes I learned to,..

1st ~Make an image of it in your head
2nd ~List down all the qualities it should have
3rd ~Reasons why you want it
4th ~Canvass all your candidates & find out which fits your qualifications
5th ~Be patient. .
6th ~Choose it because you like it not just because you were pushed to get it [although you should also hear and listen to the opinion of others and take them into careful consideration because they might be right in the end.. but of course, it’s still your choice].
7th ~Finally, weigh if you’re happy with your choice. And if you are definitely settled for it, it’s time to pay it to the cashier [or in my case, swiped it].

~Thoughts on finding the perfect fit.

I guess finding the perfect shoes is like finding Mr./Ms. Destiny. It takes time, patience and careful thoughts before you decide whom you are going to choose. There are so many things to consider. You can’t just disregard any single details because once you made a bad choice, it would cost you dearly.


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