Thoughts in Clutter

It hurts me to write. Every words are like the edge of a knife piercing through me.

Every time I thought of writing on something. Pain starts to consume the whole me. Like I feel so overwhelmed, my heart just feels like being squeezed to death. So I have to stop writing. But words keep filling up my head and it felt like it’s just going to explode unless I put them into writing.

Now my hands just have to start typing. Random. There are just so many things I kept thinking right at once and I want to type them write at once. But that is impossible. Things are all in chaos inside my head and I dunno how to control them. I’m not the kind of person who knows how to organize stuffs well. So I just have to type… endlessly… or until all words inside me are freed.

Words… they were like a long time captive inside my heart and my head, waiting to be released. But they are all getting very impatient. Perhaps they felt they don’t have anymore space for more in me… so they wanted out… and out should they be?


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