Happy birthday Kuya!


Today’s another red letter day. It’s my Kuya Emer’s birthday. Honestly, we never  celebrate our birthdays grandly. We didn’t grow up in that way.

But still, for me, our family’s birthday has great significance.

My kuya Emer.. Well, he can play the guitar, he can draw (manga styles too), and his good in editing pictures as well. (I think it runs in the family. My family must have enjoyed art much.) Also, I remember my father said before that my kuya has a good voice for singing (and I don’t..haha.. I admit). He’s a shy person (like me), lazy (like me), quiet (like me),.. Haha.. I think my brothers and I have a lot in common.

Looking back, we often used to have fights as kids. He was (a little) harsher then. [I guess boys are like that. They just learn being a gentleman as they grow older.] We throw things to each other (Pillows, toys, helmets … ohhh emmm). We ruin one another’s stuff when we’re mad. I recall wrecking his school notebook too. (Tsk! tsk! I know. That was totally wrong..) Whenever I remember it, I really feel sorry because I dunno what his teacher did with him because of that notebook. I really regret doing that.

I guess, in the past we do not often see eye to eye with each other. Well, there are still things I whine about these days.. Nonetheless, things has gone better.

Perhaps the memories of our childhood were that of those irresponsible, hot-tempered little boys and girl. We could have said our shares of hurtful words. But of course, all those recklessness were just because we’re too young. But in our hearts, we love our family despite they’re flaws.

Growing up, many things has changed in us. I can say that we are more sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs. Not totally developed perhaps, but getting better everyday. We are not showy or good in expressing ourselves but I know each of us worries about one another. We love this family and we have dreams for this family.

I have not been a good sister in the past. I know. But I hope I can be to them as days pass by.

As for my brother, he has turned another year older. I do pray that he’ll receive more blessings today and the coming years ahead. I dunno what God has planned for him, but I pray that He keep shaping my brother as a man after His own heart. May He be blessed with courage to face everything (good or bad) in life, strength, wisdom, grace, and overflowing love.

Happy birthday, Kuya! Cheers to another God-given blessing!



If thy brother wrongs thee, remember not so much his wrong-doing, but more than ever that he is thy brother.



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