My God Is Worthy to be Praised!

My God Is Worthy to be Praised!

Today is rather a peculiar but a blessed day. I know that everyday, all the time, everywhere, God does miracles and wonders. Yet, perhaps I was able to focus more on God’s goodness today.

I had to get my BC documents today in our National Statistic Office. There were already a looong line of people first in the line. Seeing them kept me a little worried about getting to work late.

But then, God used many circumstances and people to bless me today.

First, a stranger gave me his queue number. Instead of 201, my queue number becomes 186. Then next, at the cashier window, they were having trouble with coins and small bills. The cashier don’t want to accept my payment because they don’t have a change for my money. I was about to lose control when another stranger helped me. He exchanged my 1000 with two of his 500 bills so the cashier would process my document quick. They don’t know me at all. I didn’t even had the chance to ask for help but all of a sudden, they gave me a hand. God helped me through them.

After my dilemma there, I rushed out right away. I know I was going to be late for work so I rode the taxi. When I was inside, I couldn’t help but cry because I notice the driver don’t seem to have a plan to drive me fast to my office though I already said I’m in a hurry. I was frustrated and he kept talking to me. It wasn’t the kind of talk a rather middle-aged man should talk with a young woman. Anyway, I was able to tame my tongue and respond to him nicely. I looked at the time and I already know I’m late.

But then, oddly, when I get inside the office, I came in ten minutes before my class. I was in awe. I was not even late. How come? I checked my phone and I knew I was late but then… I’m not.

I felt like God made time to stand still for a moment!

This may seem to be a tough day but it has been wonderful because I know my God loves me and continues to do wonders in my life.
I am just so overwhelmed that all I can say is “Praise God.”


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