Once Upon A Shutterbug’s Life ^^,


According to dictionary.com, a shutter bug is- (noun) an amateur photographer, especially one who is greatly devoted to the hobby; a photography enthusiast.

I’m not a pro when it comes to photography. But I’m really enthusiastic about it. It fascinates me how those moments can be captured by such a ‘gadget.’

But back then, in my childhood, the camera I knew were still film cameras. I guess photos at that time were too precious for the price of cameras, films and photo developing were expensive (for me because I’m still a student at that time, and we don’t have extra budgets for something like that.) And since photos you can take are limited, you really have to be extra careful with your shots.

But when digital cameras, phone cams as well as social networking sites started becoming popular in the Philippines, I had started my interest in photography. Anyway, I didn’t take any classes in photography. Dunno but I always think it’s expensive to study photography and I shouldn’t spend my money on that. At least not now. .

Since I don’t really have the talent in taking pictures, I would just click, click, click and click. As a result, most photos taken were, uhmm, not so nice (I’m not really good in timing.) Anyway, I love taking candid shots and of course, my friends and those I took the shot don’t. There were times, people would let me be their photographers for simple gatherings and occasions. (They knew how much I would love to do it for them.) Yet, they would be so surprise on how much photos I could take in just some minutes. Either they lose space in their memory card or have their batteries drained. Only at that time, I ceased taking pictures. But I do enjoy it so much that eventually, somehow, I notice my shots are getting better. That’s already good news.

To be honest, I ‘was’ never a fan of the internet. I actually had this mentality that it’s only a distraction to people and to students most especially. But when I started to get the hang of it, I had been addicted. (So I guess somehow, my thoughts were true. Anyway, it wasn’t totally a distraction. Slight, maybe? ^^)

So going back, I have been interested in learning video editing (the simple and free ones, not the pro-type ones), photo editing using different sites and applications, and typography as well. Oh, how I love doing those things. My work were still so amateur, but anyway, I feel happy I could do them. And what I like about editing sites are even though I get a poor shot of a place or a person, etc,, but those can make my photos look nicer and greater.

Photography, photo editing  video editing, typography are sure a great way to spend ones time. I don’t make money it in (not yet) but I find pleasure in them.
Especially about photos. There seemed like a magical thing about them. They can move our emotions. They can make us smile and make us cry at the same time.

So I admire those people who has great talents in capturing those moments as well as in enhancing them with their cool skills.

As I posted in one of my online account when I saw a picture from one of my fellow bloggers, ‘somehow, I thought I got a peep through the photographer’s heart.’ I guess every photos show the heart of the one taking them.



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