The Greatest News Ever

Hear ye, hear ye!

To this dark and chaotic world; To the people who lost their hope; To those who are in pain and are suffering; To the grieving; To those who find life not worth living; To the abandoned; To the fatherless; To the ones in war; To the ones struggling to survive; To the  oppressed; To everyone in need of a Savior..

“For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”-Luke 2:11


Christmas in my younger days:

When I was young, Christmas is something I don’t really take seriously. I was excited about it, yes.

In the Philippines, whenever the “ber” months started, I would hear people saying they already ‘feel’ that Christmas is nearing. I would feel thrilled about it too. There are just so many reasons why one would anticipate it.

Christmas, from my childhood memory, is when I receive wonderful gifts from my family and relatives. Of course, I anticipate those much. ^__^ Who wouldn’t like to receive gifts?

And there are Christmas lights, lanterns and decors everywhere!  Imagine, people are starting to put their decors on September and would put them away perhaps by early January. The ‘ber’ months are surely bright and glittering in here.

Then on TV, many shows about Christmas are aired. I would watch cartoons and movies about Santa and his reindeer. I’d just be in front of the TV almost all day. Then I could also watch about the Nativity of Jesus Christ. A few cartoons would show about the baby who was born in a manger. I love the story as well.

But then, I guess never did I question who Christmas really belongs to and what the real meaning of the celebration is. Perhaps in those times, I thought every country has it’s own way of celebrating Christmas. You could choose to believe the reason for the holiday is Santa and his reindeer or his gifts to ‘good’ kids, or perhaps, that Christmas is about Jesus. Or then,.. you could choose to believe both.

However, it doesn’t seem to matter to me when I was young. I’ll believe all.

Christmas when I was growing up:

As I get older, my excitement for Christmas has become less and less. There would be Christmas days that my day would just pass by without something exciting happening. It’s kind of sad when everybody’s considering it to be a big holiday and nothing big happens to you.

So yes, way back then, I thought Christmas is more on the materials things.

Until I came to know Christ. Meeting Him has changed me and my perception of the world. His birth has become more significant for me as well.

Christmas when I met Christ:

Christmas is not about the gifts we are to give and to receive, nor is it about Santa and his reindeers. It’s not just for the rich nor the poor. It’s not about what we are going to have for our Noche buena’s. It’s not about who will remember to greet us on that day. Christmas is definitely beyond those things.

Christmas is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He’s no superman, nor batman nor a member of the avengers. He’s not a fictional character. He’s real. The salvation He offers is real. His gift of grace and salvation are not just for those who has been a ‘good’ person but for everybody who’s in need of Savior. He’s the greatest news mankind could ever have.

His birth matters. And Jesus Christ is why we celebrate.

Hurrah for the Savior!

Praise God for His gift! Jesus, the Hope of nations.



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