Audrey & Serena: the Cabbage Girls

Audrey & Serena's Kimchi

Audrey and Serena are bestfriends. They’ve known each other since middleschool.

And in this Kimchi making season in Korea,these two went to Audrey’s grandmother to help them make Kimchi. My,. I didn’t know its really troublesome to make Kimchi.

When Audrey were just telling about how they were to make them, it didn’t sounded very unusual for me. I had pictured it already in my head. Kimchi is just fermented food, right? What could be hard in doing that?

But then, she sent these pictures and then I got the chance to talk to her while they were doing the procedures in making Kimchi…

I was dumbfounded and thrilled! Were those cabbages really ‘that’ big? Even the radish were huge. Comparing to the American and Chinese cabbages grown here in the Philippines, there were sure a big size difference.

Another fresh thing for me was, they ‘harvested’ so many cabbages and radishes and made them in as many containers of Kimchis as they could.

They could seem to feed hundreds with those Kimchis!

In my five years of teaching Korean, it’s my first time to really picture out how Koreans make this fermented food. I guess those ‘how to make kimchi’ on the internet gave me the idea that making it was just simple.  Kudos to Audrey and for Skype, I could enjoy their ‘actual’ Kimchi making time.

Hmmm… Would like to visit Audrey’s grandparents’ farm someday^_^.

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  1. audrey says:

    teacher serena & i are studying this sentence ^^ thank you. our experience is feeling specially ^^

  2. ooh. Glad you could see this.. kkk. missing you already.^_____________^

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