A Letter to Yesterday

Dear Yesterday,

It’s hard to say hello to you but this is the proper way I know to which I should begin. I wanted to remember and reminisce before I start to let you go and move on.

The time we spent together had really been memorable.

We had those sweet days as well as bitter ones; we had those joyful moments and crying times too. There were those times we had that I really wanted to treasure. Yet there were those I wanted to bury somewhere deep in my heart. But then, I know I couldn’t throw them all away.

Looking back on the good times with you put a warm smile on my face. I admit there were times I’d wish time would just stood still and that I’d just be with you forever.

But Yesterday, I also remember the dark days with you. Those were the moments I had wished to have never come, to have never existed. Those were the times, I thought I couldn’t get out alive. I thought I would just die in there. But then.. I survived. We both did. And we had made more and more memories.

Yesterday, you had been with me all my life. You were a reminder of who I was and what I had been; of what I had gone through and where life had led me. You taught me much about myself. Some, I learned so easily and some I learned the hard way.

Indeed, you were a part of how God had strengthened me. I must confess, if there were someone who knew me much other than God, it would be you.

However, I had come up to a decision. I have to leave you behind. It’s going to be hard, I know. Surely, there would be times I’d think of you a lot. Then I’d smile or perhaps, I’d cry. But I have to move forward and I can’t do that if I stay with you.

I know you saw it coming and I know you want the best for me. I don’t want to lie to you  now so hear me out. I’m going to live with Today. I choose to live with Today.

But then, I won’t forget everything you have taught me. I’ll forever treasure all the fond memories we had and I’ll forever be grateful with all those learnings you taught me during those hard times.

Yesterday, I’d surely missed you. Maybe there’d be times I’d wish I was with you. But I couldn’t let it happen anymore. And I know I’ll be fine and that you’ll be proud of me.

So as I live with Today, I’d try to make everything count. I’d be wiser. I’d make sure to put all my trust in God and keep Him in control. 

Soon, we are going to meet Tomorrow. And I’ll sure tell him all about you.

For now, it’s farewell.


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