Coming Back

For months, it was already set that we’ll go to Baguio on Chuseok. But we didn’t actually make much plans. We did most of the preparations the week before our set date to leave. I guess it doesn’t feel exciting to prepare early when going on a vacation. [Haha]. So having a little pressure on how much budget you’ll have, room reservation and itinerary were just part of the thrill. [I get the thrill, they get the pressure^^]

September 27, Friday shift ends..
Aileen and I are both packed for our trip. We rode the bus till Farmers, Cubao. We were supposed to meet Papa P there but I asked her to accompany me to buy our bus tickets first. So she did. So after buying 7 tickets, we went back to Farmers again. [Much for an evening exercise.^^] Anyway, Papa P’s already there and was sure starving. So they had dinner first.

Jho, Ysa, Xy and Irik were already at the bus station by that time so after a quick midnight dinner, we already walked back to Victory Liner.

September 28, Finally at 1pm

The bus started to leave. Weeeee. So this is it. While in the bus, we chatted a bit and had a few of our photos taken. When the lights we’re turned off, I really wanted to sleep so to have my body rested soon. However, there were this group at the back, they were awake during the whole time of our 6 hours trip and they kept on talking and laughing and talking and making noises. Annoying than annoying orange? Indeed.

Anyway, thank God because we had a safe trip from Cubao to Baguio City. The chill of the city ‘warmly’ welcomes us and we already feel at home.



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