A Red Letter Day for “Macaroons”


Congratulations! Today, you are officially 25 years old. [naks]

It seems like not so long ago and we are just highschool students. You were [soooooo] boyish back then. You’re a boyish girl who was crazy about A1 [Ben Adams in particular] and other boybands. Hahaha. “Astig” is how you’d be described then.

But surprise, surprise. Your cowboy side has almost disappeared [although I know you’re still stouthearted.] Anyway, all three of us [Jho, you and I] have had a tremendous transitions. It’s unbelieveable. [Truly] We’ve really grown crazier, I mean, effeminate. [Now that’s a transformation I didn’t expect.] Hahah.

It’s fascinating how time flies and how a lot of things has already happened.

So let’s update people about you these days.

Now, you are working as an English teacher and you already have your very own little version [baby ash]. From the boyish girl back then, you are now a…uhmm…woman. [hehehe]. There’s much a big change in you.

Have you thought of yourself like today way back highschool days? Hehehe.. I guess much of what happened to us were unforeseen.

So how many macaroon days of yours have we celebrated together? I couldn’t remember. Was I there in all those? Heheh..[memory gap].

I know I’m not much of a good and reliable friend of yours in 12 years. Hehe. I’m only cute, sweet and quiet. [Kkkk.. weh? Stat me?] I got my ‘topak‘ and you got yours too [and so does Jho]. I don’t know who got the worse one. Hehe. But I thank God for our friendship. We do have our own ups and downs. Our strength and shortcomings. The two of us and Jho must have differences in our perspective in most things, yet, through God’s grace, we were able to keep this friendship intact. [Ang galing!!]

I pray that our friendship will grow stronger each year. There would be lots of changes in the future. Nevertheless, I hope we could still see each other in our old days. [Hehe. Text text]

Anyway, Happy ‘Macaroons’ Day, our dear Dianne. I know you still have a lot of hopes and dreams for yourself and for your family. I pray that God will lead you where He wants you to be. And may He bless you according to His goodness.

So just enjoy this day and expect more of God’s blessings in days to come.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. rhianaashley says:

    hahahaha dati d ako nagsusuot ng skirt, today naka skirt ako. hehe Thanks anyway….

    1. 08121987 says:

      hahaha…:D..bigyan mo kmeng macaroons…

      1. rhianaashley says:

        hahaha pag may natira…

    2. haha. Oo nga noh.. ^^, anu p b? hehehhe

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