Oh Boi, It’s Your Birthday!


Name: Ma. Aileen Ignacio Aran
aka: Nicole or Boi.

Survey question:
“Describe Ma. Aileen aka Nicole/Boi Aran in one word.

Raven says:  Basag (need ba explanation? yun una pumasok sa isip ko e..hahaha)
Mikey says:   Silent (l.o.l.)
Dianne G says:   Crazy.. hahaha peace
Dianne B says:   Gaga (bizarre)
Khat says:   Ako? Ano ba? 🙂 [Husay ni Khat sumagot diba? hehehe]
Michelle P says:   Gorgeous! Poise pa lang panis na lahat.
Jocelyn says:   Malihim. Hahah [uyy.. alam na^^]
TL Jennifer says:   Daecom.. sabi ni TL Amanda, mga dark horses… [after a few seconds].. She’s a white horse. Nicole is a friend. (heheh. bumawi)
Ysa says:   Funny girl.. 🙂
Dazel says:   God fearing 🙂
Nilo says:   Explosive… Massive.. hahaha
Me says:   Uhmmm… Unpredictable. Hehehe. She really is. One minute she likes this, the next minute she doesn’t. She’s random. [Kalerkey:-)]

===In my point of view===

Aileen is really a sweet friend. She must be weird but she’s sure one of those friends you’d really treasure. [yung tipong gusto mong ilagay sa baul. hehehe.. kidding].

Aileen gets along much with almost everyone. She can be very nice but can also be a snob. Perhaps someone you’ll learn to like and love easily but hate as well (hahah…). You will know when she’s mad at you, she’ll block you off her FB.. [hahaha.] You will hate her when she’s in a bad mood. She’ll really let you feel she’s in  such mood. [Kkkk.. Scary.]

She’s very sentimental. She cries easily especially when it’s about family matters. She’s a good daughter, sister and aunt. [Bongga].

One of her deadliest assets? Her bedroom voice. When she laughs over the phone [when having a phone class], my goolay, heheh…it’s really seductively sexy. You’ll be wondering if it’s a man she’s talking to. [Kkkk]

I got used to calling her “Boi.” I guess if I think about Kukche (my previous company), she will always be part of that memory. Since we almost have similar schedule, I spend much of my Kukche time with her.

She was one of those few (really few) who really knows and understands the complex me (I’m not sure, but that’s what I thought.) I can confidently tell her things and thoughts which I haven’t told anyone.[hulaan nyo ano yun? hehe]. I guess it’s because I felt she really listens and understands what I’m going through during those times.

She’s with me at my best and at my worst. [Haha..parang sa movie to.] She knows how to put up with my tantrums. [kape lang ang katapat ko.. hehhe]. She knows how to piss me off. [hahaha… actually, she’s unaware when she does that.]

During our Kukche days, we used to walk (pag naisipan) from our Timog office to our Kamias dorm. [I would “force”-suade her to walk. Haha.] There was this time we were walking and she did something that pissed me off so I left her behind. Haha. [adik kasi]. Anyway, she doesn’t like walking much so I appreciate that she would endure walking just so I could do what I want.

We do a lot of crazy stuffs together too. There was this time, we were in McDonalds Timog and there was a long line of people waiting for their turn to order. She suddenly pretended to be autistic. She talked in gibberish language. She really looked and sounded autistic. Then some people looked at us like as if we were nuts or something. [Now that was really an attention getter]. It was really funny and embarrassing a bit yet it was indeed a laughtrip.

It’s really crazy to be with her. [Para ka lang na-culture shock.] You’d suddenly feel disoriented when you talk with her. [Yung tipong ang simple lang nang usapan nyo, pero ang gulo… ang gulo diba?] Hahah.. I know Dianne (Ash) can relate with this.

Hehe.. She did a lot of hilarious stuffs but my memory isn’t cooperating right now. I couldn’t remember much of them.

About her lovelife? I guess it’s colorful. Haha.. Unpredictable like her.  I just think that when she had a crush on someone. It’s intense.. [Intense and pamumula ng mukha…] Mr. Y and Mr. Blue’s clues. Who could have not remember? Anyway, it was just a crush on them. But the real love of her life is… Hmmm… Papa P? Haha. I don’t know much about them really. I have my own opinion of him from but I know Ai knows him, the real him and so I guess her judgment about his character is more important than mine.

Anyway, Happy happy birthday Boi! I know God is moving in your life. I just pray that you’ll always be able to see His will for you in all circumstances. May He sustain you daily.

Have a great bash! Bless God even more.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. 08121987 says:

    happy birthday boi!

  2. rhianaashley says:

    hahaha magulo nga sya. Matino ang tanong ko, magulo ang sagot nya… hehe Heypi birthday…

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