Happy Birthday, Fido!


Yup. Today’s my little brother’s birthday! He just turned 23. Looking back to that old photo, I can’t believe we’re all grown ups now. I guess my dad would love to know what’re we up to nowadays. [T_T]

Fido appears a shy and a quiet type of young man. But when you get to know him, you’ll know he’s not what he seems to be. He’s frolicsome. I guess that runs in the blood.

We didn’t really have much time to talk especially when we reach our teenage years. And since he’s living together with my aunt and her family, I never had much chance to know what he’s been doing, what he’s been up to. He comes visit us in our old house when he gets the time. And perhaps, our sibling bonding time was watching animations together.

As he matures [I really wonder if he is..;-)], he was able to open up his thoughts much freely. Now, he is very “maloko” in a good way. He likes teasing me. I remember a time when he touched my hair and then touched the clothes -line and said, “Walang pinagkaiba.” Like as if both felt like hard wires. And there was also times I would ask about my outfit, he and my older brother would both say “baduy.” Hahaha. I guess family members are to be like that. Hehe.. They tell you truth in a very straightforward way when they could really tell it to you nicely. Anyway, I love them still kahit maloloko sila.

Now, my brother is into Asianfashion, especially K-pop style. Good thing, he doesn’t spend much money on them. Not that much I hope.

Anyway, I just pray that my brother would seek God more and more and may his life be used for God’s glory. I really wanted he and all my family members to be men after God’s own heart.

Happy happy Birthday, Bro! God bless you always.


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  1. rhianaashley says:

    well, nagsasabi siguro sila ng totoo…hahaha joke…

    1. wakhakhak.. pwede nmn kc maging gentle sa pagsabi. kailangan lagi harsh? hehehe. nkalimutan ko n nga yung iba.. haha

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