My Crush


I never really liked Piolo the first time. Not because I don’t find him handsome looking. He definitely “is” handsome. But back then, a lot are already crazy about him. So I thought I shouldn’t be one of them.

I started to like Piolo because of Moi (his Personal Assistant). Whenever she tells about him, I realized how really a very nice guy he is. The most thing I admire about him nowadays is how he makes sure that Jesus Christ is reflected in his life in all circumstance. He knows who should be his number 1 priority. It’s not his career. It’s not his lovelife. It’s not his family but God first.

I guess I should just tell him (though he won’t hear me) “Keep it up!”

“In every circumstances, keep your eyes on Jesus.”


^^Wish I could have a real picture with him. Hehehe. I’m not a fan. I just admire him.^^


4 Comments Add yours

  1. rhianaashley says:

    Tama…He really is a nice guy…Even before…

    1. yeah.. hehe.. kelan kaya natin sya makaharap in person? baka ma.starstruck na naman aketch..kk

      1. rhianaashley says:

        hahaha gusto ko din sya makita in person…haha

      2. yeah..wahh.. kelan? hehe. bisitahin sa asap??? kk

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