Erica and Ruby: Young Women After God’s Own Heart

I was already a Christian when I met these two. I couldn’t say I was active in church by then although I can say I am happy to have been born again. Yet, meeting these two incredible young women and their youth group had such great impact in my earlier Christian life. I guess their activities in the city were way too different from ours in the countryside. Participating in their activities had made me realized how important it is for a youth group to have such bonding like that. They just all seem so close that it’s very easy to be comfortable with everybody.

They let me feel welcomed.

At that time, I actually wanted the church youth in my hometown to be like them too. They were inspiring. Perhaps, it’s my first time to see such youth group for God. Active. Passionate. Thirsty. Hungry. Totally God seekers. How can you not desire for you and your fellow Christian youths to be like them?

Anyway, Erica and Ruby, I love being with them. Talking with them and listening to these two mean learning for me. I get to know God more. I get more fervent about the God they serve. About the God whom definitely, I have no idea yet. God used them to be a channel of blessings to me. He has used them to teach me in various areas of my life.

I learned a lot from them and from their church. Things that were new to me. God has been been really wonderful for letting me meet them.

They’re both humble, sweet and loving. They were really like sisters to me. They don’t know, but they do things which uplifts my spirit. From then until now, they have been an encouragement to me. And though, we haven’t seen each other in ages, when I remember how God used them in my life, I can’t help but smile and feel blessed.

I am really happy about what’s happening with their lives now. It’s pretty amazing. I believe God is using them and will further use their lives for His glory. My prayer is for them to be sustained for always.

Missed you both…


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