The Different “Us”

We all have a different “us” within ourselves. It must be a “personality” whom only the closes people in our lives could see or know, or a “personality” whom is unknown to everybody around us (except God of course.)

Have you thought about it? Have you imagined a friend or someone you know who’s personality is different from what is seen on the surface. Perhaps it’s you yourself and you’re grinning now because of that fact.

Anyway, our different sides can only be likeable or the oppposite. We could be loved or hated because of them. Even we, ourselves, could hate our other sides. But in the end, it’s still who we are.

Check out the following photos. Perhaps your hidden you is one of them.^^

Is your other side an athletic one?
Or perhaps a ballerina?
Or you must be Naruto’s relative?
A memoir of a geisha? hehe
Perhaps a Rockstar?!
Hmmm… Queen Seondok?
Must be a superhero???
Great singer? Charice Pempengco?
Or traffic enforcer??? Heheh.

Whoever you are, even if you got multiple personalities, there would always be people who appreciate and love you just the way you are. Or even if there aren’t any single person who cares about you, there is a God whose love for you is beyond description.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rhianaashley says:

    I love mine…haha cute…

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